Auditions will be on Friday September 6th and are open to the entire dance community!

5:00 to 6:30 will be for levels Pre Dance through level 3. (beginner/int) The roles being auditioned for these levels are Angels, Sailors, Candy Canes, and mini- Spanish, Chinese, Arabian, Russian.

6:30-8:30 will be for levels 4 through 6. (int/adv)  The roles being auditioned for these levels are Clara, the prince, Snow, Arabian, Chinese, Russian, Marzipan, Flowers, Sugarplum, Cavalier.

The Nutcracker Winter Showcase will be held on December 21st at Park Vista High School at 6pm.  

Mandatory dress rehearsal will be at the theater on December 20th from 4:30-9pm.

It is important to understand that the Nutcracker Winter Showcase is a commitment and you are agreeing to be at all rehearsals and the performance.  Most rehearsals will be held on Fridays and Sundays as needed.  If you know in advance a date that you are unavailable, please let me know ASAP.  

There will be a $300 fee to participate in the Nutcracker and a costume rental fee of $65 per costume.  The $300 will be paid in installments due on Sept. 20th ($100), Oct. 20th ($100), and Nov. 20th ($100).  Rental fees for costumes will be due Oct 10th.  

Pictures for full groups will be MANDATORY, but individual photos will be optional.  Dates and times for pictures will be announced ASAP.

Disclaimer: Please realize that we are only doing excerpts from the Nutcracker so roles are limited.  Not all dancers will receive a role, but next season I plan to do a  Full Length Production and will have more roles available.

Please fill out this form and return bottom to the front desk on or before Sept. 6th.  


auditions Sept 6th

5-6:30 beginner/int

6:30-8:30 int/adv (wear pointe shoes if on pointe)