Dress Code

All items are available at the Studio Boutique


ALL DANCERS MUST WEAR SOME KIND OF COVER UP WHEN ENTERING AND EXITING THE BUILDING. Dance attire is not acceptable attire for outside of the studio.

No jewelry (other than small earrings) is permitted to be worn during class.

Ballet-hair in a secure bun (bobby pins/hair pins, hairnet, hair spray) pulled away from face, pink tights, colored leotard according to level, pink ballet shoes for girls, pre-pointe, or pointe shoes. Black or White shirt, black tights and black ballet shoes for boys.

Preschool, Beginner Combo, Int Combo- WHITE leotard

Pre Dance- LIGHT PINK leotard

Level 1- LIGHT BLUE leotard

Level 2- LAVENDER/LILAC leotard

Level 3- ROYAL BLUE leotard

Level 4- PLUM/EGGPLANT leotard

Level 5- NAVY BLUE leotard

Level 6- BLACK leotard

Acrobatics- Red or Black yoga pants or capris with a black or red Dance Unlimited tank top or solid colored leotard.  NO shorts and NO crop tops.

Modern/contemporary- bare feet, solid colored leotard, black convertible tights or black DU leggings

Jazz- Tan jazz shoes, solid colored leotard, tan or black tights.  NO crop tops. NO baggy shirts or pants.

Tap- Tan tap shoes, solid colored leotard, tan or black tights. NO crop tops. NO baggy shirts or pants.

Hip Hop- Sneakers, black Dance Unlimited Shirt, black leggings or black shorts.

PBT- solid leotard and convertible tights. No warm ups.

  • This class requires a 9 foot durable band (will have for purchase at the studio store)and a yoga mat.

*Option to wear Dance Unlimited shorts/leggings for modern, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and/or tap.